The Necessary Prime 1, Tawhîdian Second Order Prime Ñômes and Meta Mâ’themative ActFunction of Ñôme Contingentialization

The Intelligible and Observable Contiñum e>|<ist more precisely and best perfectly modelled by Opening Mind High and Heart Wide to the Qualitum <> Quantum prime and primordial impulse in which Ñômes, the contingent aggregate entities dynamically populating Actual >< Imaginal >< Virtual .Tawhiddiyyah Space e>|<ist At Least ratiocinated as Qualitative Subjects and Quantitative Objects meta-dynamically acted with Power and populinked with Force By and for the Absolute One.

We define ‘Ilm as the Discursive Epistemological Subject-Field of .Metatracting .Intracting .Interacting Qualitum <> Quantum .Contingent Subjects >< Objects and Mâ’themation, the Mâ’t (Cosmic Order) Para>|<is ( Epistemological Object-Field, Transversal Tool ) Contractio-Ratiocination of The Qualit⊼m <> Quant⊻m Field.

TransDefinition of the Fundamental Tawhîdian 1 >< 9 Metalogic Laws >< ActOperations of Second Order Primality.

The Prime-MetaEssential Law of Initcialization.

The Second_MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Contingencialization.The Third-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Bîrr (Core, Internalized) or Bitti (Fore, E>|<ternalized) Sûh (Kernel) Determination.

The Fourth-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Sûh Return Validator 1 Identification and Isolation.

The Fifth-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Sûh Transit E>|<pansor Determination.

The Sixth-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Sûh Transit Expansor Contractio Determination.

The Seventh-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Sûh Transit Expansion Potential Remainder Determination.

The Eighth-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Sûh Accretion-WorkHarvest-Acquisition Determination.

The Nineth-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Sûh Potential Shëjr QâbidDàyoQuwwatta Dimensional Contractio Determination.

The Tenth-MetaSequential ActOperative Law of Determination of Tawhidian Primality Through the Primality of the Sûh Accretion-WorkHarvest-Acquisition ^Bîrr (to Core ) or ^Bitti (to Fore) Dimensional Contractios.

Delineation of the Field of Qualitum <> Quantum .Contingics.

The 6 General Qualitum <> Quantum Operations revolving around a polarBinary Convergence | Divergence metalogic structure and intelligibly articulating the Contingent Laws of Tawhîdian Second Order Primality :

Shëjra Expansion – (BranchExpansion or “Addition”) > <

Jëdra Contraction – ( RootContraction or “Subtraction”) < >

ShëjraHawla Expansion – ( BranchMomentum E>|<pansion or “Multiplication”) > | <

JëdraHawla Contraction – ( RootMomentum Contraction or “Division”) < | >

ShëjraQuwatta Expansion – ( BranchForce E>|<pansion or “E>|<ponentiation”) > |ñ<

JëdraQuwatta Contraction – ( RootForce Contraction (or “Root Extraction”; which stand still better than “Root Square” (who would not like to see a Root in the shape of a Square just for the fun of it?) < |ñ >

and the 4 Special Qualitum <> Quantum Contractio metaOperations:

ShëjraBâsitDayo – BranchForce Dimensional HyperContractio [ > ñ < ]

JëdraQâbidWâhid – RootForce Complex Contractio [ < | ñ | > ]

ShëjraBâsitWâhid – BranchForce Complex Return E>|<pandContractio [ > | ñ | < ]

JëdraQâbid – RootForce Contractio [ < ñ > ]

e>|<ist also defined.

Definition of the Contiñum of Tawhiddiyyah Space.

The Fundamental Wüni (Essential) and Hëpëri (Existential) Equational Qualitum <> Quantum .Contingic Identitors e>|<ist also formulated.

Jët (Study) published as Hët ( Awakening Asseveration Call) of the Bitti University Community (An ARC Foundation Project). Read the full demonstration as online publication at

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