Epistemology of Technological Object Actual Createdity and Technological Subject Potential Creativity

Technological . Createdity >< Creativity

Liberty Is In The Service of Vitality.

Abstract ̶

Technology is the contingential link encapsulating Logical >< Theoretical . Method and Esthetical >< Practical . Liberty on one hand and Actual >< Virtual >< ActInterfacial . Contingency on the other hand.

1- Technology, Subtechnology, Logical >< Theoretical . Method and Esthetical >< Practical . Liberty

Technology can be observed in the Infused Vitality of Nature, impressing naturally on the mind, as The Creator Allah – Azzawajal – wish and establish for us in all Wisdom, that Liberty is in the service of Vitality.

It is Clear To Cognition Inbout The Visible Worlds And Full To Cogitation Outbout The Invisible Worlds that Acted Logic permeate all Contingency/Creation.

Adamity and Jînnity have been given by the Unique Creator, through the Quadratic Contiñum of Intelligence linking our Relativity/Incompleteness to the Absolute Being and maintaining our Conscience, the Capability to Actually or Virtually issue Subtechnology, that is, Arrangements and Re-arrangements of The Unique’s “Kun”‘s Technological Actuals.

The Quadratic Contiñum of Intelligence is dimensionally defined by Height of Spirit, Depth of Soul, Width of Heart and Length of Knowledge-Data (Non-Discrete and Discrete Data in all Infiniteness ).

This struct is the field of the Degrees of Liberty constrained by Esthetical Capability and Practical Possibility and determine Subtechnological Actuality.

Virtuality and Machine Tasking (MT), far from registering inbout all the Fundamental Quadratic Dimensions of Intelligence (the misidentified and misnomed “Artificial Intelligence” ) are mono-dimensional subtechnological, subactual constructs in the most elementary substance and form infinitely restricted by Infinite Data Actuality (IDA) in that dimension.

2- Technology, Subtechnology and Actual >< Virtual >< ActInterfacial . Contingency

Biotic >< Abiotic . Actuality is technologically manifested so long as Acted Disaggregation or Dissolution do not occur suddenly or gradually.

While Virtuality need Subtechnological Actuality to e>|<ist, Subtechnology thatself is operated using Actual and/or Virtual Interfaces that, in turn, require ActInterfacial Potentiality that may or may not be available through the Contiñum of Vitality.

The infused Vitality that referentially animate Surcorpuscularity, Corpuscularity, Organity, Particularity and Subparticularity move inbout and outbout the Visible and Intelligible Contiñum of Life.

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