Shâm Lives Matter: Full Spectrum Luminance

Our ancestor and Man of High Civilization Idrîss Ahnûh, also known as Jëhuti-“The Ibis”, long before Men of Deep Culture like the Fara Këf-Ra ( 4th dynasty of the “Old Kingdom” ), the First adamite to use the Pen, one of the Four Prophets of Shâm with Âtum (“Adam”), Seth and Nuh is the noble servant of the Almighty One who initiated Civilization in the Kush-Kemet Bow of Transcendance and Reason long before the foreign babylonian and indo-roman mithraist trinitarianism and pseudo-gnostic Blind, Deaf and Speechless Monkeys, managed to subvert and destroy it. The legendary Idriss was the first to take up arms and defend Truth, Justice and the Cosmological Order – Mâ’t – and highly valued truthful action by the Pen for Truth as well as legitimate reaction by the Fist Against Oppression and Injustice.

The contemporary Black Lives Matter movement is an arithmetic sum of legitimate reactions of defense, anger and demands of justice against the institutional, repressive and insidiously genocidal current Full Spectrum Dominance ethnic white ideology that culturally, economically, politically targets for destruction and destabilization black communities inside its system as well as the cradles of black Civilization in Kemet, Kush, Canaan, Timbuktu, Hijaz, Yemen, Shâm, Hijaz and the rest of the Alkebulan Continent.

The branches of the physical blood and rights of Black people are cut and shed with impunity in the institutional and official streets of America down to Tel-Aviv and India only because the more important intellectual, moral and spiritual blod of our people had been allowed to continue to be maligned, disfigured, vandalized by lying pens at the service of theft and greed.

Shâm Lives Matter is Medecine for the Vandalized Branches of our Noble Humanity and Full Spectrum Luminance from its Roots.

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