Public / Activations

At Public Opening, Bitti free membership levels will incorporate restricted and non-restricted content.


The Hypermedia , Emits, Remits, Private Stream and Channel timelines help you communicate selectively, privately and publicly what matter to you.

Private Stream

Respect and privacy. We make sure Bittmakers have access to end to end encrypted text, audio and video messaging.

Open Your Channel

Video-broadcast your topics and activities to a world audience. Some people want to discover, know more, better.

Editors and Content Developers

From Politics >< Society to Arts >< Cultures, get the real and full story, all the live contributive talkbacks.

Hypermedia Access

We set up wide access to media and transversal openings to digital and real-life social plateforms.

API and Updates

Many great features are yet to come so be the first to know about and get the new features.

Media Integrators and Code Developers

Get your Bitts always right. Manage and enhance your technical editing and programmatic development.

Money Not Making The News.

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