• The journal Ankh is defined as the link between living all current generations of Alkebulan trying to know and make known the Kushite-Kemite Civilization and peripheral Alkebulan Cultures from the earliest times in history, according to the work perspective of the immense and valuable Professor Cheikh Anta Diop.All cultural, economic, egyptological, historical, linguistic, artistic, literary, sociological, political, scientific, technological, religious and philosophical are adressed in the journal Ankh. Methodological requirements, interdisciplinary pertinences, intellectual openings are required for this new spirit of necessary creative freedom.

    Cultural unityThe hieroglyph ANKH, means “Life.” The journal Ankh would therefore be a dynamic symbol of the creativity of African youth today whose potential is just waiting to be put to the service of Africa, for the survival of the African peoples in a world that tends to ignore human values ​​of solidarity and sharing.Ottoman influenceIn ancient Egypt, the sign ANKH, in another another level of interpretation, symbolizes the human being in his social, spiritual and cosmic integrity. The Cove represents the head (Reason); bar, arms (link between Heaven and Earth); the vertical line, the body of a man between Heaven and Earth. This means that the human being is intrinsically linked to all the Real and it is a living and intelligent vibration primitive cosmos. The Ankh, powerful symbol if any, therefore man tied to the earth, the sky, the solar system, the entire cosmos. Human life is part – is a part – of all past, present and future manifestations of the universe changing, yet always the same in its infinite immensity. Work Tool, solidarity and openness that is the journal Ankh, on behalf of an idea of ​​man and his destiny.References

    ANKH, Journal of Kushite-Kemite Civilization and Alkebulan Cultures Studies.

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