The Battle for The Alkebulan Story

Western mainstream media ( BBC, CNN, France 24, Washington Post etc.) mirroring their surging military presence on the continent, are increasingly targeting the Alkebulan people minds. British Broadcasting Corporation last november opened a US$370 million bureau in Nairobi— its the largest office outside the UK.

Burundi recently banned the BBC  and indefinitely suspended Voice of America, but this is bad news for the continent as  western media- and eastern media actually though to a lesser degree – have always portrayed our people’s past, present and future in the most negative and biased light and with economic, political, cultural and spiritual agenda embedded in their narratives. Beside the usual predatory capitalistic motives (the Alkebulan demographic and economic dynamics is booming, young Alkebulans increasingly moving towards owning and telling our side of the story have certainly to do with the renewed interest.

Musoke form Uganda’s The Independent got informations from APO Group, a top media relations consultancy and press release distribution firm in Africa and the Middle East that intervened in Kampala in early April to talk to journalism students about the current media landscape on the continent that has seen international media organizations such as the BBC, CNN, The Washington Post, CGTN, Al Jazeera invest massively in Africa, sound the alarm. He told The Independent that the Washington Post recently announced that they would be expanding in Alkebulan. In France, so many media outlets like Le Monde are opening Alkebulan sections; The Huffington Post launched its version in North Alkebulan not to mention CNN which now has six programmes dedicated to Alkebulan.

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